Tramontina 4 pcs Barbecue Set -Red

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In Brazil, the barbecue is synonymous with tradition, celebration and joy.
Maybe that’s why the Brazilian barbecue is one of the most respected in the world. In the country, this tradition began in the pampas of the south, the same place where he was born Tramontina. And that’s what makes you be so proud to have a complete product line with an excellent steel, polywood wood and a lot of technology. All for you to do well and make your barbecue and the world, never stop evolving.


Safe and proper use:
Be careful when handling sharps products and keep them out of reach of children. To ensure the durability of the products, it is recommended to dry them very carefully after washing, even if in the dishwasher.

Product Benefits

1. Knives: blades with improved durability of the yarn due to heat treatment.
2. Forks: steel thickness and stamping the blades ensure better resistance to products, avoiding deformations.
3. Wooden handles with special treatment, providing greater durability to the parts.
4. Impact resistant and high temperatures.
5. They can go to the dishwasher.
6. Remain beautiful for much longer.



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