Charcoal Companion Smoking Chip Cabernet Wine



Wine-infused oak wood chips are a gourmet delight.
Add just a hint of cabernet wine to your favorite grilled foods.
Easy to use all natural oak wood soaked in wine imparts its own unique flavor to all your outdoor cooking
It is an inexpensive addition to your barbecuing routine that will make eating the foods you grill a new and delightful experience.
Each bag comes with 117 cubic in. (1.92 litres)

To Use

Place a handful of chips in a bowl and cover with water, wine, or other liquid flavoring, Wait 30 minutes and spread over ready-to-cook coals. Begin cooking.
Or spread a handful of dry chips over ready-to-cook coals. As soon as they stop flaming, Begin cooking.

Units in box: 1.92 litres


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