Morris Haggen Superior

Morris Haggen Superior

Being the owner of Morris Haggen Superior barbecue grill means owning the most superior quality barbecue grill in the market.

From the moment Morris Haggen bbq grill reaches your doorstep, you become part of the Morris Haggen grilling community, being part of this community earns you a lifetime privilege. With exclusive access to an extensive and intrinsic support team that would be there to answer to your every need. Backed with the most comprehensive warranty and customer service network it is a prestige to own one.

Morris Haggen Superior is available within the common areas of Cascadia


Qwell Silver

We are privileged to work with the contractor to deliver this barbeque grill for their residence.

The requirement was a gas gill that is durable, sleek and continues to impress grill users at the residence.  Therefore this grill was chosen.

Qwell Silver is among the newest batch of barbeque gas grills from Qwell’s ever-growing line of barbeque grill models. It’s body is made of 430 marine grade, pure stainless steel making the Qwell Silver gas grill a very durable and likewise solid built gas barbeque that offers an assurance of quality craftsmanship.

It comes with two collapsible side tables that offer gas barbeque grilling flexibility especially for those users that are having limitations when it comes to space

Cascadia purchased 2 units for their residents to use for barbecuing and grilling activities.