Cleaning Services

Terms & Conditions for cleaning services rendered :-

  • Grills will be collected from your premise, cleaning of grills will not be done on-site due to the chemicals used in the process.
  • Grills will be returned in its original condition as per items collected for services rendered.
  • Cleaning service does not remove rust, scratches, burnt marks or any existing damages on the grill.
  • The service rendered does not remove rust, but we will remove all possible dirt and grim built up.
  • Return of grills will be arranged to the convenience of the customer.
  • a minimum of 3 – 5 working days would be required for a full chemical wash.
  • Terms of payment to be in cash/cheque and be made out to M.G.I. Marketing (S.E.A.) Pte Ltd. 
  • Prices stated are before 7% GST.
  • This cleaning service extends to all brands, make or model of grills.

Please call 6276 8312 for all cleaning service enquiries


The base fee is 300.

This fee includes collection and returning of the grill

Use of Chemicals and cleaning Solvents

Manpower to provide the service rendered

Add on From Base Fee

Charcoal Grills – 50 to 300 

(Dependent on the size and condition of the grill)

Usually 3 working days from collection to return

Add on from Base Fee

Gas Grill

1 burner – 50

2 Burner – 100

3 Burner – 150

4 burner – 200

5 burner – 250

6 burner – 300

*Side burner is considered as 1 burner

*Additional fee may be incurred dependent on the condition of the grill

Usually 5 working days from collection to return

 Will be quoted based on type of appliance
Please call 62768312 or email us for more information

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