BBQ Rental

Rental of Barbecue Grills

Terms & Conditions for Rental :-

  • Rental Charges are applicable for the rental of all Grills, Weekday  and Weekend charges differ accordingly
  • Deposit to be paid upon delivery, refundable upon collection of the grill.
  • Grills rented has to be returned in its original condition, which includes the cleaning of the grill.
  • Grills not properly cleaned/maintained will have their deposits forfeited.
  • Collection of grills will be made on the next working day, additional charges applies for same day collection
  • Terms of payment to be in cash/cheque and be made out to BQ Mart international Pte Ltd.

Please Call 6276 8312 for all rental enquiries.

Rental Barbecue Grills

Morris Haggen Superior - High Resolution
Weekday       $180.00 per day
Weekend      $240.00 per day
Gas                 $40.00 (per cylinder)
Delivery        $60.00
Deposit         $100.00 (refundable)
Weekday      $180.00 per day
Weekend      $280.00 per day 
Gas                 $40.00 per cylinder
Delivery        $60.00
Deposit         $100.00 (Refundable)
Weekday       60.00 per day
Weekend      80.00 per day
Delivery        40.00
Deposit         100.00
Weekday       120.00 per day
Weekend      220.00 per day
Delivery        40.00
Deposit         100.00

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