About Us

BQ Outdoor – Your One Stop BBQ and outdoor products in Singapore – we are Singapore Number 1 one-stop barbeque mart, selling a wide variety of barbeque products. Wholesalers are welcome.

BQ Outdoor store is specializing in wholesale and retailing of all kinds of charcoal and gas grills and a wide range of barbeque accessories, picnic and party items, outdoor and gardening products in Singapore.

The philosophy of BQ Outdoor is to serve the customer with the best outdoor and barbeque stands they could get and value for money. BQ Outdoor has the wide range of products to serve its customers’ need and whenever you need anything for barbeque, we have it! All items including plates, spoons, knives for meat, charcoal, lava rocks, accessories and even gardening tools to assist you in your gardening needs. Best of all we provide free delivery of your barbeque stand to your door step including installation.

No matter how you spell it, barbeque, barbecue, bar-b-cue, or bbq, the only thing most people are looking for is the true taste of barbeque. Whether you cook on a barbeque grill, or charcoal grill, you are looking for the best barbecue product you can possibly cook. This is why it is very important to buy a piece of barbeque equipment that will meet you needs as well as meeting your barbeque needs.

In BQ Outdoor, barbeque is our business, we serve so that you could have fun with your barbeque stand! Come and pay us a visit and you will be fascinated by the products we have for Barbeque and other varieties of products including camping and outdoor products.

Our Mission

“To Establish and bring about a wave of changes to people’s lifestyle and how they barbecue”

Our Product

“It has always been, and will always be, about quality. We’re passionate about innovation, quality and service, customer satisfaction is our prime concern and improving the lives of people who uses them. We care deeply about all of this and our work is never done”

Our Customers

“It is really about a connection. We are fully engaged, we listen, connect with and meet the needs of our customers. It starts with a promise and ends with a commitment, for our work goes far beyond a promise, it is a relatonship only here at BQ Outdoor”

Our People

“It is not a job, it is a passion. Together, embracing diversity to create a place where everyone can be themselves. Always treating each other with respect and dignity. And holding each other to that standard”

Our Commitment

“It is our attention to detail that entails our customers quality of life. Only through the most rigorous quality control can we certify the standards of our products and service”